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Packaging Improvements

Fenty Beauty has been working behind the scenes to reduce our environmental impact, without sacrificing the product performance, quality, and experience for our consumer. We wanted to share the latest development on our eco-conscious journey: Fenty Beauty will be phasing out of all magnets found in our packaging, starting with our Match Stix Skinsticks Collection beginning in December 2021. Magnets often use rare earth metals, a nonrenewable resource, which pose a negative impact on the environment. We are committed to constantly learning, listening, and evolving to ensure that we deliver the best and safest products for our clients and environment.

Although we are removing magnets from the Match Stix Skinstick packaging, which will result in an almost imperceptible reduction in weight, the Match Stix Skinstick Contour, Shimmer and Glow formulas that you know and love will remain the same. Additionally, there will be no change to the iconic geometric shape, design and size of the packaging so that your Match Stix experience remains (almost!) exactly the same, too.

We are excited to make this earth-conscious step with one of our original, most beloved collections.


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